Quality with favourable price

Norges Hus Nova is the new product series of our house factory, which connects already well-known quality recognised by the customers with even more friendly price. Nova series offers factory packages, where external dimensions of a house are fixed.

Arrangement of spaces can be changed, or set into opposite position, and windows/doors can be moved, if required. In case of minor changes the price of the house will remain the same, without any additional costs.

External walls are thermally insulated and covered with weatherboards on the outside. Factory package also includes roof structure (roof trusses) and PVC windows.

Term of delivery of the houses is approximately 4 – 8 weeks. Customers can visit the factory to view the elements, if agreed in advance. Transport and installation will be added to the price of the building envelope upon request. Time of construction of building envelope is 2 – 7 days, depending on the type of the house.

You can order from us the drawings of the house for applying for building permit. Drawings are included in the price of the building envelope.

If necessary, our partners provide also assistance for applying for building permit from local government for extra charge.

The price of element house includes factory package:
• thermally insulated external walls covered with weatherboards on the outside
• rainproof roof structure (roof trusses)
• PVC windows

We do not offer turnkey solutions.



The house manufacturer Norges Hus Nova OÜ is specialised on the production and installation of element houses with wooden frame for Norwegian market.

The structure of our wooden frame houses has been developed, taking account of the peculiarity of Norwegian climate and construction regulations. We use only high-quality massive construction timber. Due to 13 metres long chamber-dried, planed and finger-jointed massive timber we can build up to three-storey wooden buildings with outstanding stability.

The design of external walls and roof ensures minimum energy loss and the houses remain warm and cosy also under the impact of wind, rain or snow. U-value of roof structure is 0.13 W/m2K.

Depending on the external finish, U-value of external walls can vary from 0.16 W/m2K (wooden cladding) to 0.12 W/m2K (mineral plaster). In our houses we use only materials purchased from certified international manufacturers.

Production facilities of Norges Hus are located in North Estonia, approximately 20 kilometres from Tallinn. Our production managers have 15 years of experience in the construction of wooden buildings. Experienced production team manufactures elements of every house with utmost care and commitment, ensuring high production quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Element houses of Norges Hus Nova are delivered to the site with 40t heavy truck. Wall elements are packed into weatherproof package, in order to prevent water damages to insulation wool.

In addition to external wall elements, also roof trusses, plastic windows, fixing elements and other mounting accessories are loaded on the truck.

Total length of the truck is 18.5m. If the access to the site is difficult, the customer shall organise reloading of the goods. Depending on the chosen house type, the longest house elements are up to 13.5 m long.

In case of a special order, maximum length of an external wall element may be 16 m. In such case also transport costs will increase due to oversized load.


Interior arrangement of spaces in the house can be changed in all house types. Arrangement of spaces can be turned to opposite position on vertical as well as horizontal axis. Thus, with imaginary division of the house into two halves, it is possible to interchange left and right side as well as upper and lower side.


Our product range includes small family houses, which can be enlarged upon request, by changing external dimensions of the house. All houses can be made longer. Maximum length of 1 element / 1 external wall is 16 m. Longer elements affect the price of the house both in terms of production and transport. 16 m wall element requires special transport and therefore the price of the house will be higher.

Partition walls

Location of interior walls can be changed in the arrangement of spaces in all house types. Interior walls can be added or removed. This will not affect the price of the house.

Windows/terrace doors

In every house it is possible to change the location of windows/terrace doors, and add or remove windows/terrace doors. It is not possible to make dimensions of windows wider/narrower/higher/lower. Fulfilment of orders of windows with special dimensions would require much time, hindering fast production and delivery. Therefore our product range includes only windows/terrace doors with specific dimensions. Full range of available dimensions is provided in the price list.


Element house with wooden frame is installed with a crane with 30 t lifting capacity. With a team of four experienced men, we can install the house in 2–7 days.

We understand that connecting profound and efficient building knowledge and skills with right products and materials can help to create more healthy and sustainable home, which is also environment-friendly.

The structure of our wooden frame houses has been developed, taking account of the peculiarity of Norwegian climate and construction regulations. We use only high-quality strength graded timber.

How to order?

1. Choose the most suitable house type
Our product range includes 4 different type solutions, but all these can be adapted to the requests of the customer. It is possible to change the interior plan solution (positions of rooms) as well as the exterior (roof incline, locations of windows/doors, external dimensions etc). For further information see clause 3.

2. Order a set of drawings of the chosen house
The set of drawings includes plans, views, sections, foundation plan and specification of windows. Based on these drawings, you can draft the design project and submit necessary documents for applying building permit. Price of a set of drawings is 1200 € + VAT. Price of a set of drawings is part of the price of the house. Upon granting of building permit and ordering of house, it will be deducted from the total sum of the order.

Price of element house 89 is 10,000 € + VAT
Set of drawings costs 1,200 € + VAT
When ordering the element house, you shall pay only 8,800 € + VAT

3. Revise the plan of your house and make necessary changes
Changing the drawings ordered from us is free of charge.

In case of following changes, the price of the house WILL NOT CHANGE
– Plan of the house may be set to opposite arrangement
– Changing locations of interior walls
– Changing locations of windows/doors
– Removal of windows/doors
– Selection of wooden facade or plaster base plate (Steico)

In case of following changes, the price of the house WILL CHANGE according to the price list
– Changing external dimensions of the house
– Addition of windows
– Changing roof incline
– Changing height of the elements

4. Apply for building permit from local government
With our drafted set of drawings, which you have confirmed, you can start to apply for building permit from the local government of the area, where the plot of your house is located.

5. Order element house
When building permit has been granted, contact us again. Send us a copy of your building permit, based on which the order of your house will be completed.

Upon drafting of order we can still adapt the following details:
– Colour of facade (in case of wooden facade)
– If you want to order the following additional accessories: end gables, window slats, corner slats
– Changing colour of windows

6. Time of delivery:
Approximately 6 – 8 weeks after approval of all technical details.

7. Transport:
To the construction site, with 40 t trucks.

8. Foundation:
Foundation shall conform to the drawings/dimensions specified by Norges Hus Nova OÜ.